Tile:  Pesticide active ingredients sales (2015 edition)
 Publisher:  Joy Consulting Ltd.
 Publication date:  Aug. 24, 2015
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   Japan is No. 4 country of pesticide consumption following USA, Brazil and China.There are 558 active ingredients are registered in Japan. Most are chemical pesticides. And 22 natural enemies and 28 microbials are included as bio-pesticides. Using these active ingredients, total 4363 registrations of products are sold. A half of products are pre-mix. To be mentioned, some important AI sales are more over JPY 10 billion. Purpose of this report is to know AI sales a s volume and value and how they are sold by the analysis and processing of Joy’s database of pesticide registration and shipment data. Top Sales distributors and their contact information are also provided.
Reasons to Buy Readers who are planning development of pesticide in Japan will learn: What is the major AI and its annual sales? How is the Japanese pesticide constitution? How is the Japanese pesticide use habit? Who are the local manufacturers and distributors?? The reports conclude all necessary data in figure or in table. You can study the necessary information from the report.
1. Introduction
2. Pesticide active ingredients sales in Japan 2015
2.1 Fungicide AI sales in registered products in Japan
2.2 Insecticide AI sales in registered products in Japan
2.3 Herbicide AI sales in registered products in Japan
2.4 PGR AI sales in regiostered products in Japan
3. Important fungicidal actives sales and Use
3.1 Probenazole
3.2 Isotianil
3.3 Tricyclazole
3.4 mancozeb
3.5 Azoxystrobin
3.6 fthalide
3.7 Thiophanate-methyl
3.8 Dazomet
3.9 Orysastrobin
3.10 fluazinam
4. Important Insecticide actives sales and Use
4.1 Chlorantraniliprole
4.2 Clothianidin
4.3 Dinotefuran
4.4 Chloropicrin
4.5 Fipronil
4.6 Imidacloprid
4.7 Acephate
4.8 etofenprox
4.9 1,3-Dichloropropene
4.10 thiamethoxam
5. Important herbicide actives sales and Use
5.1 bromobutide
5.2 Pyraclonil
5.3 Glyphosate-potassium
5.4 Bensulfuron-methyl
5.5 benzobicyclon
5.6 fentrazamide
5.7 imazosulfuron
5.8 cyhalofop-butyl
5.9 Daimuron
5.10 glyphosate isopropylamine
6. Japanese pesticide companies
Appendix 1 Active ingredients of registered products in Japan in July 2015
Appendix 2 A list of AI technicals in products registered in Japan 2015 (remainder)
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