Tile: Pesticide market of vegetables in Japan (2015 edition)
 Publisher: Joy Consulting Ltd.
 Publication date: Aug. 3, 2015
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 Pages: 136
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   Japan is No. 4 country of pesticide consumption following USA, Brazil and China. But Japan will be No. 1 country of consumption upon a unit area. Rice market is big, but vegetables are the most exciting market with high profitability in Japan. Sales of Pesticides used in vegetables take 35% almost the same to rice.
You can learn how pesticide is used to control them under the special condition of humid and high temperature and high pressure of pest and diseases. Agrochemicals and Pesticides market is analyzed by different parameters including domestic production and consumption. The report presents profiles of leading producers and lists major suppliers in the country.
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Readers who are planning development of pesticide in Japan will learn:
How is the composition of Japanese pesticide market in vegetable area?
What are important pest and diseases in Japan?
What are most popular agrochemicals used in vegetable area in Japan?
Who are the local manufacturers and distributors??
How is the spray cost in Japanese vegetable area?
The reports conclude all necessary data in figure or in table. You can study the necessary information from the report.
1. Introduction
2. Vegetable Production in Japan
3. Pesticide use in Japan
4. Target pest in vegetables
4.1 Important diseases in vegetables
4.2 Important pests in vegetables
4.3 Important weeds in vegetables in Japan 2015
5. Important products and target pests and diseases
5.1 Registered fungicides and target pests
5.2 Registered insecticides and target pests
5.3 Herbicides used in Vegetables
6. Treatment cost of some major pests and diseases control, Powdery mildew control, Gray mold control, Spider mite control, Diamond back moth control
7. Product information of Product and their distributors
7.1 Fungicides
7.2 Insecticies
7.3 Mixture (Insecticide + Fungicide)
7.4 Herbicides
7.5 PGR
7.6 Others
8. Top distributors of vegetables pesticides
8.1. Sales result of vegetables pesticide
8.2 Information of Manufacturer and Distributors
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