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Japan pesticide registration label
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Pesticide Use Direction (Latest label)
  • Inquiry: choose factor from below AI, AI chemical series (ex. Pyrethroid), Crop, Crop group, use sector (ex. Fungicide), pest (ex. Powdery mildew),Registration year, Company etc.
  • Product: Output (Excel ) Data form Excel columns: Reg no, Product Name,TradeName, Company , use sector, , contents, Crop, Crop Group, Pest and Latin, Application rate/dilution and unit, PHI(days) and Recommended stage for use, Max number of application, spray Volume
  • Cost: 300$ (<1000 record) 0.3 $/record (=>1000 records)
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Pesticide Use Direction (label)
  • Inquiry factors:
    AI chemical series : pyrethroid
    Crop: apple
    Output 282 records (Excel- sheet)